1st Aid Courses

What sort of 1st aid course do you want?

Do you want to sit and be talked
at or do you want one of my
interactive, hands-on courses?
First Aid is a practical subject -
so if you want to learn how to
deal with incidents in a practical
way - read on.

(If you'd still prefer to sit and be
talked at - these probably aren't
the courses for you...)

Emergency First Aid at Work (6 hours)
The EFAW course covers the minimum emergency First Aid requirements as set out by the HSE. It will leave candidates confident in dealing with an emergency first aid situation whilst awaiting the ambulance and give a basic understanding of the impact of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 upon the workplace. Flexibility can be built into the programme to make it relevant to your specific environment (see below). It is not unusual for fair amount of this course to take place outdoors, so please be prepared to act as first aiders and casualties outside and bring appropriate clothing to keep yourself warm and dry throughout the course. 

Outdoor First Aid (16 hours)A 2 day course, suitable for anyone working or playing in remote locations where help may be up to several hours away. This is the accepted best preference course for those working in or taking part in leisure activities in remote locations. The content can be customised to include specific work or leisure sectors (eg. forestry work, expedition leadership, land and water based outdoor activities) and additional content can be ‘bolted on’ to make the course more relevant to the needs of the candidates.

Forestry (+F) Courses
Forestry Commission updated its first aid at work policy in January 2012 and all contractors wishing to work on FC land will have to show that they comply with the new policy. From our point of view, the most relevant part of the policy is the recognition that people may need add-on elements to traditional, standard first aid training to reflect the special hazards of the forestry environment. To show that these special hazards have been covered, ‘+F’ is printed on the certificate. (EFAW+F is extended from 6hrs to 8hrs to allow us to include the extra content)

First Aid at Work (24 hours)
This statutory First Aid at Work course complies with the current Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. Employers have a legal obligation to make First Aid provision for their employees. This qualification fulfils that legal obligation and is a comprehensive introduction to First Aid provision. 

Sports Leaders First Aid (6 hours)
Fulfilling the requirements of the Level 2 Community Sports Leader Award as well as providing important life skills for young people.
This course packs a huge amount into a short time and I would usually spend a full school day teaching it to a maximum of 14 young people (higher numbers can be catered for although it may require another trainer to be hired in). The course is quite practical so I suggest that students are prepared for a hands-on approach to 1st Aid, including kneeling, bending, lying, simulated CPR and acting as casualties for each other.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) (half day course)
The AED is a piece of technology that is now frequently used by members of the general public and not just ambulance paramedics. These easy to use machines greatly improve the chances of survival when used by trained First Aiders. This course is a requirement for any organisation that has an AED or for First Aiders who will be using them. The half day course will provide you with a Certificate of Attendance and students should retrain every 6 months to keep their skill and knowledge base up to date. This course is designed to give you the knowledge and expertise to use this life saving technology and the course contents include: Common heart conditions CPR protocols Resuscitation Use of AED

Course costs include a course manual and a certificate upon successful completion of the course and they reflect the fact that one trainer can train a maximum of 12 people; higher candidate numbers require me to run separate courses or employ another trainer.